Unsolved Murders

Gilbert Wynter

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 1 Mar 1998

Place: Millennium Dome, London

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Gilbert Wynter disappeared in March 1998.

His remains are thought to be under the footings of the Millennium Dome in London.

He had been a suspect in the Claude Moseley murder case which is also unsolved. Claude Moseley was stabbed with a samurai sword in 1994.

Gilbert Wynter had also been connected to Solly Nahome who was murdered a while later in November 1998 and it was said that they could have both been murdered in relation to £800,000 that went missing in a multi-million-pound cannabis deal that they had both been involved with.

It was said that Gilbert Wynter had been working for a well-known crime family for whom Solly Nahome was an accountant, and that he had acted as an enforcer for them. It was thought that he had disappeared after falling out with the family. On 23 July 1997 Gilbert Wynter was heard talking in a recording with the head of the crime family and Solly Nahome about financial disputes and pressurising someone for some money that he owed. The crime family person was heard to say to him, 'Just grab him... Knock him out, put him on his arse... I mean it Gil, you've got to live him, put the fear of God into him mate, (so) he knows it's only down to you that he's walking about and breathing fresh air'. The crime family person was later questioned by the police in 2011 over both the murder of Solly Nahome and the disappearance of Gilbert Wynter after they officially connected the two cases together.

It was also suggested that he had fled to the Caribbean where he was holding up.

He was last seen on 1 March 1998 when he left his family home off St Anne's Road in Tottenham at about 8am. He later spoke to his girlfriend by phone but after that was never heard from again. After his disappearance, his bank account was never accessed again either.

He was reported missing eight days later.

His white Nissan Micra car, registration number L753 XJU, was later found in Spring Gardens, Woodford on 2 June 1998.

It was also said that he had been murdered because of his vanity and had been attracting too much attention. It was said that he had been summoned to Islington where a van was waiting for him. It was said that it had been raining heavily and he had been wearing an expensive suit that he had not wanted to get wet and had borrowed an umbrella and that when he had got into the van he had got in backwards, still holding the umbrella up so as to not get wet and then once in had been killed by some men that were in it that he had not seen. It was said, 'If he hadn't been worried about his suit he would have seen who was inside and realised what was up'.

Gilbert Wynter was black, between 5ft 11in and 6ft tall, had a muscular build and had his hair cropped short. When he had left his family home he was said to have been wearing a Fruit of the Loom grey tracksuit top and bottoms, a black puffa quilted jacket with fluorescent stripes and grey Reebok trainers.

Gilbert Wynter was also linked to other gun crime and that Paul Anthony, who was convicted for attempted murder in 1998 and sentenced to 18 years had been under orders from Gilbert Wynter to carry out the hit on a man at a West End nightclub although it was also said that Paul Anthony had deliberately shot an innocent stranger instead of the intended target because of the inevitable reprisals.

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