Unsolved Murders

Tangor Gokkusu

Age: 16

Sex: male

Date: 3 Oct 2000

Place: Finsbury Park

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Tangor Gokkusuwas stabbed in Finsbury Park on 3 October 2000 at about 5.40pm at the junction of Green Lanes and Brownswood Road.

He had been making his way home from college at the time when he was confronted by a group of youths who were thought to have followed him off of a No. 141 bus with whom he had a brief argument. During the confrontation, one of the youths stabbed him in the neck.

After being stabbed the youths ran off. Tangor Gokkusuwas then managed to stagger across the road before collapsing in a nearby supermarket.

Tangor Gokkusuwas was taken to Homerton Hospital where he died four days later.

His post-mortem stated that his death was caused by a single stab wound to the neck.

The youths were thought to have been Turkish and seven people were arrested but no one was charged.

The police said that there was no known motive.

When he was stabbed Tangor Gokkusuwas had been wearing a distinctive red and black football jacket with the colours of the Turkish team Galatasaray on it. He was an avid football supporter. He had also been wearing black trousers.

He had lived in Heron Drive, Finsbury Park and had been a pupil at Stoke Newington secondary school.

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