Unsolved Murders

Brian Humberstone

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 27 Feb 1994

Place: Timbercroft Lane, Woolwich, London

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Brian Humberstone was stabbed in a street fight.

Several people were tried for his murder, but witnesses were proved to be liars and the case was dropped. It was heard that several of the witnesses gave evidence in court that contradicted their own statements and contradicted other witnesses. The prosecution said, 'They are such liars I cannot call them as witnesses'.

As the men on trial left the court smiling, a friend of Brian Humberstone shouted to one of the men, 'You're dead boy. Bloody British justice is useless'.

Brian Humberstone was stabbed in the back.

It was heard that theere had been animosity between one of the men tried and Brian Humberstone before.

At the trial it was heard that Brian Humberstone met one of the other men in an area known as 'The Pan' on 27 February 1994, near Timbercroft Lane in Woolwich and a fight broke out. It was said that a few punches were exchanged, and that Brian Humberstone chased away the other man, which caused the other man to lose face.

However, it was heard that Brian Humberstone then armed his friends with antique weapons that his father had given him on his 21st birthday in case the man came back, which, it was said, he did.

It was then heard that when the man came back, he brought two other friends and a melee then broke out during which Brian Humberstone was stabbed in the back with a carving knife. After stabbing Brian Humberstone the men drove off.

The knife had pierced Brian Humberstone's heart and he was flown to hospital but died without regaining consciousness.

When the men were arrested, they said that they had gone to Timbercroft Lane to talk and sort matters out, and that they had only acted in self-defence.

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