Unsolved Murders

Jamie Starkey

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 2 Dec 2012

Place: Higher Lane, Fazakerley

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Jamie Starkey was shot as he was leaving his home and going to his car on Higher Lane in Fazakerley.

He had been shot several times after which the gunman ran off towards some playing fields.

An ambulance was called out at 8pm but they were unable to save him, and he died at the scene. His post mortem gave his cause of death as being due to multiple gun shots.

He had recently been released from prison after being convicted for shooting a known drug dealer in Liverpool. He had shot the drug dealer at point blank range at 5am on New Year's day 2008 outside a pub in Anfield when he was 16-years old, but the drug dealer survived. One of the bullets had gone through the drug dealer's stomach, and lung and had then come out through his back. The drug dealer was taken to hospital but refused treatment. Jamie Starkey was convicted for wounding with intent and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. It was said that the man and his gang had been threatening Jamie Starkey for some months and that they had faced each other on New Year's day, resulting in Jamie Starkey shooting him.

Jamie Starkey's lawyers said that members of the drug dealers gang had thrown bricks at Jamie Starkey's home, driven into his brother's car and threatened his relatives. They further said that on one occasion, every window in Jamie Starkey's house had been smashed resulting in glass falling on to Jamie Starkey's four-year old sister. They also said that the drug dealer had arranged for one of Jamie Starkey's friends to be kidnapped and taken to a derelict house where he had stones thrown at him.

It was said that during the confrontation outside the pub on New Year's day the drug dealer had said to Jamie Starkey, 'Shoot me now or I'm gonna go and kill your mother'.

The drug dealer himself was arrested for his involvement in a drugs conspiracy four days after being shot and sentenced to 7 years 6 months and was then later also convicted for conspiracy to buy guns as well as threatening to kill Jamie Starkey.

It was said that the drug dealer had later said of Jamie Starkey, 'Don't worry the little f***** is going, the only place he is safe is in jail and he won't be safe there, it'll be even worse in there, than he is out. I'll slit his f****** throat'. He was also said to have started planning his revenge whilst in hospital on the day he was shot and that he had later tried to buy guns for that purpose.

The gun used to shoot Jamie Starkey was later found on 12 June 2013 in the Leeds/Liverpool canal near to Brewery Lane in Melling. As well as finding the gun, mobile phones and jewellery that was thought to be stolen, were also found. The police later appealed for anyone that had seen anyone near the Melling Stone Bridge on Brewery Lane, or by the canal shortly after the time of the murder.

A man was arrested for his murder in 2014 but no charges were made.

The man that shot Jamie Starkey was said to have been wearing dark clothing.

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