Unsolved Murders

Donna Keogh

Age: 17

Sex: female

Date: 19 Apr 1998

Place: Hartington Road, Middlesbrough

Source: www.bbc.com

Donna Keogh went missing in Middlesbrough on 19 April 1998.

She was last seen in Hartington Road in Middlesbrough and it was thought that she had later been at a party in Bow Street.

At the time she had been sharing a flat with a cousin in King House in Central Mews, Middlesbrough which she had left at about 11pm on 18 April 1998, which was a Saturday.

She was last seen four hours later getting into a small red hatchback car in Hartington Road, near the Shipmate pub, at 3am which was then thought to have driven off to Newport Bridge.

At the time she had been wearing a sky blue backless dress and black knee-length boots.

She was initially considered missing, but the police later said that they thought that she had been murdered.

Sightings of her were reported in the Zetland Road area in May 1998 but it was later thought that they were false, and they were unconfirmed. It was also suggested that she was still in the Middlesbrough area and not being held against her will. It was also suggested that she had gone to Leeds where she had been offered modelling work through an agency and the police went there and questioned a large number of people that she had known.

There were also rumours that Donna Keogh had growing drug debts and it was said that her parents had become aware that she was using drugs a few months before she went missing.

The police later made an appeal for her in June 1998.

Her family home was in Saltersgill which she had left a few months before moving in to the property in King House in Central Mews.

Her parents made a complaint to the police regarding the handling of the case in 2015, saying that it was badly mismanaged in the early stages, which led to a fresh 16-month review which was completed in 2016 but no further progress was made.

It was reported that there were two potential suspects, but no action was taken against them and that someone in the local community knew what had happened to her.

In June 2018 the police officially re-opened the case and started to examine an old allotment site near Troon Close in Middlesbrough.

Donna Keogh had gone to the Sacred Heart and Newlands schools after which she had started working at the Ormesby Care Home.

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