Unsolved Murders

Martin Joyce

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 7 Sep 1999

Place: Parr Street, Ancoats, Manchester

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Martin Joyce disappeared in 1999 and in 2016 the police said they were considering him murdered, and searched a pub in Manchester.

He was last seen on 5 September 1999 at the Bank of England Pub on Pollard Street in Ancoats, Manchester.

His family said that he had earlier given two of his sisters a lift to another sister’s house saying that he would pick them up later, but he never did.

The police said that there were later sightings of him reported but said that they had determined them to be false.

When the police declared that his disappearance was being treated as a murder enquiry on 6 October 2016 they began a search of the Bank of England Pub. On 20 October 2016 the police said that they had completed their search of the pub. They said that they had searched all the rooms and carried out some digging. The police later said that they had reason to believe that he was dead after receiving a tip and thought that his body could have been at the pub. However, they said that the search revealed nothing new.

They had initially thought that he had gone to Ireland or Scotland.

He had a child and had been living with his sister in Gorton at the time.

He had been hospitalised in 1998 after attempting suicide and had spent 3 months in prison in early 1999 after being convicted of some traffic offences.

He was the son of Irish Traveller parents and had 13 brothers and sisters.

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