Unsolved Murders

Benjamin Benit

Age: 86

Sex: male

Date: 5 Aug 2011

Place: Ilderton Road, Tustin Estate, South Bermondsey

The remains of Benjamin Benit were found in Lovelinch Close on the Tustin Estate in South Bermondsey with other parts of his body later found at his flat nearby in Ilderton Road.

Parts of his body were found wrapped up in a sheet dumped in Lovelinch Close. When the police investigated they went back to his flat in Ilderton Road where the rest of his remains were found. It was thought that he might have died anything up to six years earlier when he was last seen and kept at the house for some years before parts were dumped in the street.

Police said that his death was unexplained and suspicious and started a murder inquiry although no one was charged. At his inquest, an open verdict was returned which stated that he had most likely died in 2002 and that his benefits had continued to have been claimed up until his body was discovered.

The remains were found by a dog walker inside a windsurfing bag under some bushes on 10 August 2011.

The police arrested his male partner but no charges relating to his murder or manslaughter were made. The partner was said to have moved in with Benjamin Benit about ten years earlier and they were said to drink a lot. They had been described as lovers. Neighbours said that after Benjamin Benit vanished there was no funeral and that his partner never spoke to anyone and that there was a terrible smell and people wouldn't go near the flat. It was said that a number of complaints were made but nothing was ever done about it.

The rest of his remains were found on a sofa at his flat and were thought to have been there for up to four years.

The police also carried out an investigation for benefit fraud.

It was reported that Neighbours had reported a foul stink from his flat up to six years earlier.

His post-mortem stated that his cause of death was not clear and forensic archaeologists were called in to examine his remains.

His remains were dressed in a suit.

It was thought that his partner had tried to dispose of his remains after fearing an inspection by council officers.

At his inquest, an open verdict was returned.

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