Unsolved Murders

James Adshead

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 2 Sep 1904

Place: Wilmslow

James Adshead came home drunk and fell down, knocking himself against a kettle. He lay where he was until the following day when his wife became worried she fetched a doctor who arrived to find him dead with blood on the floor.

The post mortem showed that he had a fractured skull and that death was due to cerebral haemorrhage. The doctor said that it was possible for him to have received a knock outside and then have been able to walk home where he then collapsed.

His wife said that he had been struck on the head by another man 3 years earlier and had complained of head pain ever since.

She said that he had come home drunk at midnight and fallen against the kettle and that she had left him there all night not knowing that he was hurt. She admitted that she had left him there until the afternoon the next day until she became afraid and went to get a neighbour.

An open verdict was returned as there was not enough evidence to show his his injuries were caused.

James Adshead was a labourer.