Unsolved Murders

Ernest Aplin Mitchell

Age: 46

Sex: male

Date: 5 Feb 1929

Place: East Haddon, Northampton

Ernest Aplin Mitchell was found dead in a horse box.

He was found dead in a loose box with a hunter.

It was first thought that he had been kicked by a horse but a razor was later found in the straw.

The wound to his throat was 6-inches long and the jugular vein and artery had been severed. It extended from the centre of the front of his neck to behind the left ear.

At his first inquest it was stated that his injuries might have been caused by a horse and a verdict of accidental death was returned. However, when a blood-stained razor was found under the straw when the stable was cleared out a second inquest was ordered.

The Coroner dismissed the idea put forward by his relatives saying that he had been shaving the horses tail at the time and had been kicked. He said that if Ernest Mitchell had been kicked he would not have been kicked in the neck and secondly that if he had been kicked he would have been flung to the other side of the horse box, whereas he was found just beside the horse.

The Coroner also said that he had decided that the razor had been Ernest Mitchell's.

The Coroner then concluded that Ernest Mitchell had, either through ill-health or shell shock, taken his own life by cutting his throat and returned a verdict of Suicide during temporary insanity.

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