Unsolved Murders

John Evans Samson

Age: 53

Sex: male

Date: 9 May 1938

Place: Hull

John Evans Samson died from a head injury.

He had said that he was kicked down some stairs, but the inquest heard that there was no evidence that he had been kicked and that he had made similar claims a couple of years earlier for which it was later found that he had fallen against a coal box.

He had died from cerebral compression due to haemorrhage. He was admitted to Anlaby Road Hospital on 9 May 1938 and died a few hours later.

The doctor said that he thought that the haemorrhage had been caused by John Samson having a shake-up which could have been caused by him falling down two or three steps on to a hard surface. The doctor said that there was a small bruise on his right elbow.

It was heard that he had visited a club but that he had only been there for five minutes and when he had gone down the stairs no one was heard to go down with him and the police said that they were unable to find anyone that had seen John Samson arguing. However, it was noted that the sound of passing trams might have prevented anyone hearing him fall down a few steps.

John Samson had said that he had been assaulted and kicked in the back as he left the club.

At the inquest he was described as a 'bleeder'.

The police said that they thought that he was romancing and noted that he had made similar remarks on a previous occasion.

John Samson had lived in Holly Grove, Woodcock Street in Hull.

The Coroner returned an open verdict stating that death was due to haemorrhage and said, 'I think we are perfectly satisfied that this man never had any kick, for the simple reason that the doctor would have found some marks on his body'.

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