Unsolved Murders

Alexander Blue

Age: 41

Sex: male

Date: 27 Jun 2002

Place: Dundonald Road, Dowanhill, Glasgow

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

Alexander Blue was killed outside his flat in Dundonald Road.

He suffered from head injuries and had been stabbed and died 48 hours later.

He was found in a pool of blood in his drive at 12.20am on 25 June 2002 and taken to the Southern General Hospital.

He was last seen in the Beanscene cafe in Cresswell Lane drinking a coffee between 7pm and 8pm. However, it was not known where he had been after leaving the cafe and before being attacked in his drive although there was a reported sighting of him with three men at 10pm in Ashton Lane. Also, a man was heard speaking to Alexander Blue outside his home at 11.30pm. The man was not identified. It was also said that at the same time a man was heard leaving Alexander Blue's house. Alexander Blue was found in his drive at 12.20am.

In December 2003, the police released the names of two men that they had been looking for since his murder but his murder is still unsolved.

Alexander Blue jointly ran The Taxi Centre in Glasgow and sold cars to the taxi-cab sector which were said to themselves be owned by crime families.

During the main police investigation, the police forensically examined his accounts. At the time, he was officially bankrupt but was due to come out of bankruptcy several weeks after his murder. It was shown that his business had turned over more than £7,000,000 the previous year and he was due a majority shareholding in the business after the expiry of his bankruptcy. Lawyers also found that even though he was bankrupt he had assets of more than £330,000 including a secret bank account with £36,500. It was said that his share of the business, that was a secret, was held in trust by one of his business partners.

He was said to have owned a flat that he registered in the name of an associate in order to avoid paying creditors which was later sold for £365,000 and its mortgage of £108,000 paid off. Other assets that he was said to have had whilst bankrupt were £3,500 in unpaid wages, a £4000 tax rebate and other assets worth £3,000.

It was said that shortly before he was murdered he had been carrying a briefcase with £30,000 in it as a sweetener for the purchase of a house. However, the briefcase and money were never found. It was thought that he had been trying to buy a property for £300,000 in the West End and that he might have been the victim of a property sting and killed.

It was said that Alexander Blue was worth more dead than alive and that the £30,000 that he had had on him near the time of his murder could have been the price put on his murder.

Other earlier theories included the possibility that he was a homosexual and had been killed by a person that he had met as well as the possibility that he was involved in drugs and that the taxis business was a front for laundering drugs money; although it was said that both possibilities were considered to be unlikely at an early stage.

An e-fit of a man that had been seen leaving his flat a few days before was also released.

The police said that they met a Mafia-style wall of silence during their investigation.

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