Unsolved Murders

Paul Mooney

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 12 Nov 2004

Place: Helston Road, Croxteth

Paul Mooney was shot at a friend’s bungalow in Helston Road, Croxteth in the early hours of 13 November 2004.

He had been shot at close range, between one and five metres away, as he lay on a sofa. The bungalow had belonged to his friend and he had been staying there after having separated from his wife a fortnight earlier. He had had three children.

Three teenagers were tried for his murder but acquitted. One of the men tried was later himself shot dead in October 2016 in a murder that is also unsolved.

The court heard that one of the teenagers tried had been involved in an altercation with Paul Mooney the day before his murder. The teenager had had a car that had been parked in the drive at the bungalow but it was scrapped on 12 November 2004 after which the man went round and had an argument during which Paul Mooney threw a can of beer at him.

It was said that the teenager went away and then bought a Volvo car that night and went back to the bungalow with the other two teenagers shortly after 1am and went inside and shot Paul Mooney whilst his friend had been in the kitchen making toast.

The friend said that whilst he was in the kitchen that he had heard a loud bang and then heard Paul Mooney say, 'I'm dying'.

The friend said that he didn't see who had come into his home and that he had been too frightened to leave his kitchen to look.

However, it was not known why he was shot. At the trial the prosecution said, 'We do not know whether it was some substantial reason, a trivial reason, or no reason at all'.

However, the prosecution said that the other two teenagers had been involved in a joint enterprise to kill or seriously harm Paul Mooney.

The court heard that Paul Mooney had been involved in using and supplying drugs at the time.

It was said that a wall of silence went up during the investigation.

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