Unsolved Murders

George Spencer

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 12 Jun 1960

Place: 10 Chapel Street, Waterloo, Liverpool

George Spencer died from a blow to the head.

However, it was not known how he had received it and further noted that he had been a sick man who could have died at any moment.

He had lived at 10 Chapel Street in Waterloo, Liverpool and had had an argument with his son on 6 June 1960.

His son said that during the argument that he had slapped George Spencer across the face but didn't think that he fell down.

A friend of George Spencer', a retired seaman that had lived in Denmark Street, Waterloo, said that he had known George Spencer for many years and said that he was a sick man. He recalled having been with George Spencer in the Waterloo Hotel on 7 June 1960 and seeing George Spencer's elbow slip, causing his head to fall forwards, but noted that he didn't see his head strike the table.

On 8 June 1960 George Spencer was found lying on the floor at his home having apparently had a fall and was taken to Bootle Hospital where he was found to be suffering from heart trouble and bronchitis.

However, later, whilst in hospital, he was found sitting on the floor having apparently slipped out of bed.

He died in Bootle Hospital on 12 June 1960.

A detective inspector with the Lancashire County Police said that he had made inquiries and was quite satisfied that there was no evidence on which a criminal charge could be brought against anybody.

The Home Office pathologist said that George Spencer's death was due to dural haemorrhage due to a blow on the head. However, he said that George Spencer had been a sick man and that he could have died at any time. He added that contributory causes of death were mio-cardial fibrosis and an enlargement of the heart.

When the Coroner summed up he said that there was no evidence to show under what circumstances George Spencer received the blow to his head that caused his death and an open verdict was returned.

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